Hounds Help Section

Payment with Bank Transfer Options2020-07-03T18:07:49+10:00

You can join our website subscription by Bank BSB transfer on a yearly plan. The details

Bank details:



We will also need your details to register you to the system back end

User Name:

First Name

Last Name

No account set up will be done till funds are cleared & make sure your name appears in the description so we can allocate it to your account

Credit Card Failure after Checkout2020-07-04T08:10:53+10:00

If your credit card fails after you click the big Red Confirmation button, Your credit card needs to be verified by PayPal so they can track membership levels and renewing subscriptions.

You will have to do one of the below:

1: Add money to your PayPal account

2: Link and Verify your credit card to PayPal account.